One of our biggest achievements today: setting up this ‘Goings-On’ page!  From now on, we plan to regularly update this page after each XFR Collective meeting, letting our affiliates and partners know what we get up to at our current address on Lispenard Street.

Our digitization efforts today were focused on a set of VHS-C tapes from WITNESS.  We only acquired the VHS-C adapter cassette that allows us to play the mini-tapes in our consumer deck last week, so it’s still pretty exciting for us to add this sub-format to our repertoire.  Here’s a screencap from a camera original tape labeled ‘Day of the Defenders of Human Rights,’ which was transferring while we fought with WordPress to let us write this up:


Less exciting than the WITNESS transfers — but necessary — is our progress on completing our application for nonprofit status with New York State.  In their infinite wisdom, New York State decided to change the requirements for the not-for-profit corporation application just as we mailed out our last attempt, so we’ve got one more round of paperwork to get through before getting our final approval.  It’s raising good questions for us to discuss, though — like, for example, what exactly determines a conflict of interest for our organization.  (For example, no board member should be able to sell XFR Collective a piece of equipment for thousands of dollars …. not that XFR Collective has the thousands of dollars to spend anyway.)

Next week, we’ll be focusing more on the agenda for our upcoming board meeting.  So if you’re coming to that meeting, check out our next post for a sneak preview!