No transfers this week!  With our Advisory Board meeting coming up next week, we decided to take last night to make sure we were all on the same page with how we wanted next week’s meeting to go.  We’ve got some thorny issues to tackle as we move out of our test phase and figure out what’s next.

We spent a lot of time specifically talking about how we want to prioritize projects.  To a certain extent, it’s hard to avoid the fact that we work on material we feel a personal connection to.  As a nonprofit(-to-be), we really want to make sure we don’t just fall into doing favors for friends; we have a broader mission than that.  On the other hand, we have to limit the material that we do somehow, because our resources are so limited — and we do want to make sure that everyone volunteering their time is working on projects that they care about, because that’s what motivates volunteerism to begin with.  And then there’s the question of whether we want to be a specifically regional, New York-based service, or whether we’re open to material that comes from further away, too.  Lots to think about!  If you’ll be there next week, we’ll be talking about all of this, and really looking forward to hearing other people’s input.

We also got a chance to check in with Leeroy Kang, one of our Advisory Board members (hi, Leeroy! thanks for stopping by last night!) about his expectations for next week’s meeting, and ways that we can be more transparent as an organization, and clearer in communicating what kind of investment we’d like our Advisory Board to have in the project.  These meeting records are part of that transparency…so if you ever feel like you’re getting hit with a wall of text, that’s why.  For the record, we also welcome comments and questions on anything we post here!

Another resolution we’ve made is to always post the date of our next meeting in these entries, so anybody who wants to can stop by, see what we’re doing, and help out if they feel like it.  So, next meeting: Monday, 8/25.  People currently planning to be in attendance: Julia, Pamela, and Rebecca (coming late).  Agenda: Finish up the last our transfers for our six-month test period, and keep polishing up our plans for the Board Meeting!