MC Gurk

Today we worked through part 1 and part 2 U-Matic recordings of MC Gurk (1994), from the Elevator Repair Services.  After transferring a number of VHS, the U-Matic is a beautiful contrast.  We can only imagine what if av technologies diverged along another, higher resolution path.  Since we’re rounding out the end of our 6 month test phase, we’ll soon send off our freshly digitized media to our partners at the Internet Archive for hosting.   In the meantime, enjoy this tantalizing image:


In addition to the nuts and bolts work of  digitization, we made some headway preparing for our upcoming Advisory board meeting, as well as our Association for Moving Image Archivists conference presentation (“Click Capture, Press Play: Digitization Initiatives for Regional AV Collections,”  with California Audiovisual Preservation Project and The University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections).