Advisory Board Meeting and Future Plans

​The last three weeks​ have been exciting and decisive for the future of the collective. We had our first advisory meeting with our board members, which was a much appreciated and productive conversation about our mission and future long and short term goals. During this meeting we presented and discussed the results of our first 6-month test phase, including our current membership model, status of projects and public presentations at conferences.

At the end of this phase we came to the conclusion that one of the main features and benefits of our model is the potential to experiment and try new systems, workflows and projects. Our model comes from different experiences and its flexibility is very important, especially when taking into account XFR Collective’s status as a volunteer-based organization.

Additionally, we discussed issues regarding our target communities, education and outreach, costs and exhibition of content preserved by the collective. The input from all attendees was extremely valuable and key to the development of the collective as we move forward.

In the past two weeks we also had the opportunity to meet a prospective partner with whom we hope to explore additional lines of development mainly in the areas of education and community support that go beyond our current transfer service.

In the next few weeks we plan to wrap up phase one; delivering the preservation files to the Internet Archive, returning tapes and giving copies of the files to our members. We are also planning meetings with our members to evaluate the overall experience, with the aim to improve our model.

Finally, our long term plans (next 6 months starting in November) include developing a more comprehensive documentation of our workflows, researching about possible grants to fund our activities, determining costs and a budget, and planning educational, outreach and exhibition activities.

Pamela Vizner