Over the last month, most of our meetings have stayed in the virtual realm — with me in Boston, Kristin in Chicago, and Andrea in California, Google Hangout has been XFR Collective’s new best friend.  The focus on discussion has actually been really great for helping us drill down into the meatier questions about goals, values, and future plans, as Pamela described in last week’s blog post.  That said, I think we’ve all missed puttering around with the equipment (and, not gonna lie, I’ve also missed Andrea’s fantastic cooking.)

This week didn’t quite yet see us back at the decks, but we did start to move back out of the more cerebral planning space and towards the hands-on work of the Collective.  While Andrea headed out with Walter and Bleakley to check out some more equipment in New Jersey, I met up with Pamela, Julia and a virtual Kristin at Julia’s apartment to snack on garlic pita chips, go over ffmpeg, and make sure we’re on track with the rest of our tasks for the next month and our upcoming AMIA presentation, which is looming terrifyingly close.  Now, thanks to Andrea and Walter, we’ve now got a beautiful new U-matic deck that … I probably won’t actually get a chance to play with myself, since I headed back up to Boston after the meeting.  But at least I can admire it from afar at our next meeting, which (for the record) will be Monday the 6th, in Andrea’s apartment (for those of us calling in through a screen), and will probably feature some some exciting file organization, checksum creation and administrative metadata, plus a good old-fashioned dose of last-minute conference prep.

Rebecca Fraimow