Sourcing Obsolete Equipment

Our equipment has been loaned by a pool of generous people and the owner of our 3/4″ U-Matic deck needed it back. To address this gap, Walter Forsberg found Arch Smith on Craig’s List. Arch’s long career in the midtown NYC television world of Screen Gems and beyond gave him expertise, tools, and parts relevant to our work. Arch has a garage full of equipment for sale. He and Walter chatted over the phone a few times before we visited in person on a late September Saturday morning. As the conversation unfolded, we learned that, around 2007, Arch and two others had planned a transfer operation for obsolete formats. Arch collected a lot of equipment before things did not come together. He tested his best deck for us. Bleakley McDowell drove us out in Jon Dieringer’s car. We bought a durable VO 9850 and two excellent ball bearing shelves. In the afternoon, we re-built the rack, much improved. Onward! AC