Presentation at Self Preservation Montevideo Uruguay

On November 25th I was invited to participate in the Round Table “Self Preservation: How to take care of your own archive” organized by the Audiovisual Archive Professor Dina Pintos of the Universidad Católica del Uruguay in Montevideo. This has been one of the many collaborations we have had since the Audiovisual Preservation Exchange (APEX) in Montevideo last year.

Of course I wasn’t able to attend in person (!) and a Skype call was not possible because of my work schedule, BUT… thanks to the magic of technology I was able to record my presentation and send it to them. My presentation was about the XFR Collective, our origins, work and future projects. According to Julieta Keldjian, moderator and organizer of the event, attendees enjoyed the presentation and thought that starting a collective of their own could be a possibility to solve their video preservation problems.

I’m sharing with you my presentation here. BEWARE! It’s in Spanish! Feel free to share.


P.S.: Thanks Julia Kim for the .ppt!!