XFR Collective – upcoming educational events!

The XFR Collective’s Rebecca Fraimow will be speaking with Rachel Mattson (La MaMa Experimental Theatre) and Yvonne Ng (WITNESS) this Thursday, March 12th at the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)  unconference for the 2015 Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives Symposium: Innovation, Collaboration, and Models.

For the second time in a row, we will also actively participate in this year’s Personal Digital Archiving Conference (PDA 2015) this April 24-26th. XFR Collective’s Pamela Vizner will be presenting in the poster session on  “Stretched Resources, Flexible Solutions: XFR Collective In Action.”   This conference is also affiliated with an event that I will shamelessly promote: Born-Digital Workflows CURATEcamp (April 23rd). (I’m co-organizing and presenting at this event).

Stay tuned for updates on each of these events soon!