XFR Members Attend and Present at SAA!

Photos of the amazing video cover art of “The Screech Saga”: one of many items XFR helped digitize during MIX 2015.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update!  XFR member Carmel Curtis recently gave a presentation about XFR’s work at the MIX Queer Film Festival in 2015 at the annual Society of American Archivists (SAA) Conference in Atlanta, GA this past week.  Her talk was part of the Collaborative Approaches to Collecting and Preserving LGBTQ Materials panel.

If you missed SAA this year, no sweat!  Carmel’s bright and eye-catching slides can be found by clicking on this link right here.

Carmel ended her talk with a community-building exercise that involved engaging the audience members with one another to discuss obstacles in the realm of queer community archiving, but also brainstorm ways to navigate around the hurdles.

A slide from the community-building portion of Carmel’s presentation posing questions and asking for actions!

At the end, Carmel gathered and posted a rainbow of post-it notes with answers to Question 8.  It was really cool/inspiring to see that so many conference-goers took the time to participate.  It was nice to see all the different methods people came up with to make archives more inclusive.

Hope to see all of you soon at another mega-conference in the upcoming months! We will have XFR members attending and speaking at AMIA in Pittsburgh and IASA in Washington, DC. Stay tuned for more updates on those events in the coming months!