WTF @ AMIA 2016


Halfway through a very busy week of travel and conferences for XFR members, a pivotal and disturbing election swept through our communities.  A platform of racism and misogyny was validated.  Collectively we experienced a range of emotions, from rage, to trauma, to fear.

Our membership, many who were scheduled to speak on panels, used their podiums as a way to captivate, motivate, and re-iterate our goals as activists working in archives.  We challenged our listeners to consider that the work we do is not just important, but revolutionary, and a direct challenge to the current status quo.

Carmel Curtis spoke at this year’s plenary.  Here, she challenged the AMIA membership to stop leaving the responsibility of diversity to a single subcommittee, and integrate its tenants throughout all AMIA’s efforts as a professional development organization.

Check out Carmel’s slides [PDF] from her plenary speech.  Be well, everyone.