This season, give the gift of video reformatting

flickering analog tv signal

Dear Friends:

In a season full of very bad news, we write with what always feels to us like extremely good news: the XFR Collective survives! We continue to work hard to lower the barriers to preserving at-risk audiovisual media – especially unseen, unheard, or marginalized works – through media transfer, education, and cultural engagement work.

In fact, in the past year, we’ve grown exponentially – brought in 7 new collective members; added a handful of decks and monitors to our Manhattan-based video transfer rack; partnered with a wide range of artists and and activist organizations (including the Asian American Oral History Collective, Third World Newsreel, and the Great Small Works theater troupe); reformatted several dozen tapes; and shared the methods and ideas that inform our practice with a widening community of colleagues. We’ve done all this while remaining an all-volunteer organization with an extremely small budget.

We refuse to be deterred by the forces marshaling against our mission of inclusion and representation; in fact, we are taking this moment to redouble our efforts – literally. After several years working exclusively out of our original Manhattan-based video transfer station, we are now setting up a second, Brooklyn-based XFR rack. Thanks to the generosity of colleagues like you, we already have most of the equipment we need to handle a variety of legacy tape formats. But we are missing a few critical items. So we’re reaching out to ask for your help.

Will you support the work of XFR Collective?

We’ve created a wish-list of audiovisual equipment we need to complete our second rack, and will happily accept either financial or equipment donations. Because XFR Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible – and if you make a financial contribution over $100, we’ll thank you by sending you your very own, certified-official XFR Collective Tote Bag!*

To make a financial contribution, please visit our Paypal donation page.  If you have equipment you wish to donate, please specify this under the “Add special instructions to seller” field in the Paypal form.  If it is also possible, please email details about the item and its location to

Wishing you a year full of videotape and justice,

The XFR Collective

XFR Collective’s December 2016  Wishlist:

1 AV Toolbox AVT-8710 time base corrector  ($269)
1 sync generator ($185)
1  Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express analog-to-digital converter ($470)
1 Startech TBOLTMM1MW Thunderbolt Cable ($38)
1 OWC Mercury Elite Pro 4TB drive ($249)
5 rolling shelves for our rack (~$80/each)
1 professional-grade time base corrector and processing amplifier with SDI and balanced audio output; e.g. Leitch DPS-575 (price varies)
1 professional minidisc deck (approximately $250)
1 functional balanced audio mixer/distribution amplifier: for example, Rolls RA163 (price varies)

*as seen on TV