XFR Collective’s New Partnership with METRO (… & seeking equipment!)

The XFR Collective is excited to announce a new partnership with the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), a New York City based library advocacy and professional organization.  This new partnership is designed to support expanded local engagement with audiovisual archival practices in a digital age. (Read METRO’s official announcement here).

Over the next six months the two groups will collaborate to design and assemble an analog-to-digital video transfer rack, to be hosted in METRO’s new 599 studio space.  A list of items we are seeking to acquire or purchase can be found at the bottom of this post.

In addition to providing a channel for New York-area archivists to connect with artists, filmmakers, home movie makers, musicians, and other individuals with obsolete media in need of digitization, this partnership will support instruction and research for the METRO membership in the areas of digitization, preservation, and access for audiovisual materials.

We hope that this partnership will be of service to the NYC and national library and archives community and that it will serve as a model for other new initiatives. Stay tuned in coming months for info about trainings and other opportunities to interact with XFR Collective and the new AV transfer rack in METRO’s new space!

We’re seeking a few specific pieces of equipment for this project. If you’re looking to sell any of the following items, please get in touch! (We’re at xfrcollective@gmail.com.)

  • A professional S-VHS deck (NTSC). Preferred models: Sony SVO-5800, JVC BR-605, JVC BRS711U, Panasonic AG-DS555, Panasonic AG-1980
  • A professional Digibeta deck (NTSC). Preferred model: Sony DVW-A500
  • An HDV or MiniDV deck (NTSC). Preferred models: Sony HVR-M35U; Sony DSR-11
  • A Digi8/Hi8/8 deck (NTSC). Preferred models: Sony Hi-8 EVO-9800 or EVO-9850
  • Tektronix brand Waveform monitors and vectorscopes with composite video input.