XFR Collective has developed a specific structure to support our mission and goals. Collective members are expected to adhere to this structure. If you are interested in becoming a collective member, please read about our structure, and if you feel you are able to commit, send us an email at xfrcollective@gmail.com.

If you would like to be involved but cannot commit to being a Collective member, please consider becoming a volunteer. Please fill out our volunteer form so that we know how to best contact you, what you would like to help with, and what your schedule looks like.

Monthly all-member meetings: XFR collective meets once monthly as an entire group, with all current members present. At these meetings, we check in about the work that has been done throughout the prior month within subcommittees, determine what new tasks need to be accomplished, and create and assign ourselves to new subcommittees for the next month.

Subcommittee work: Subcommittees are determined depending on the projects, workshops, events, and partnerships XFR undertakes, as well as the internal needs of the collective. There is always an administrative subcommittee, which is responsible for administrative and project management tasks relating to the functioning of the collective. Subcommittees typically have 3-4 members, and determine their own meeting schedule and tasks based on the project, event, or workshop at hand.

Weekly transfer sessions: In addition to monthly meetings, collective members sign up for a transfer session, which currently take place on Mondays. Each collective member is expected to attend one transfer session per month.